Saint James' way


This route has two possible beginnings. From Port de la Selva which has the symbolic value of the sea and it passes by the monastery of Sant Pere de Rodas, which in the Middle Ages was the most important pilgrimage place of the Iberian Peninsula after Santiago. The other part of the route begins in the village of La Jonquera, on the border with France and links with one of the main European routes. Both routes lead to Figueres, a town that stands out for its cosy Rambla, the castle of Sant Ferran, the largest monument in Catalonia and the largest fortress from modern era, the Dalí Theatre-Museum, the Empordà Museum, the Toy Museum of Catalonia, the Technical Museum and the Electricity Museum.

From Figueres to Bàscara, the Saint James' way links a series of small towns with plenty of history: Santa Llogaia d'Àlguema, Borrassà, Creixell and Pontós. Walking through different streets and squares, you can discover Neolithic sites, Roman ruins, baroque churches, farmhouses ...

Source: Turisme Catalunya