The Spanish Civil war 1936-1939

Guided Tours

Although the town of Figueres was far removed from the front until the last months of the Spanish Civil War, the conflict affected it from the very beginning, changing its people’s everyday life and creating two irreconcilable sides. Irremediably, the town’s physiognomy was also transformed. We propose a guided visit for you to explore the history of those years during and after the war in the town, in which we will also include among the points to be visited the interior of the air-raid shelter in the Plaça del Gra.


1. Rambla Baixa.
2. Rambla Alta, with references from there to the Castle of Sant Ferran and the bombardment of the Passeig Nou and La Cate.
3. Former hospital, destroyed by the bombardments.
4. Plaça del Gra: shelters and also references to the station (first bombardment) and the Carbonera (coal deposit).
5. Plaça de la Palmera / Abattoir: former French Nuns’ school.
6. Old Library: bombardment, confiscation of books and freemasonry.
7. Plaça de l’Ajuntament.
8. Parish church.

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