Fairs and festivals of the holy cross


In spring, Figueres welcomes the Santa Creu Festivities. In late April and early May, the town stages more than a hundred activities for everyone. Two days stand out above all the others: May 1st, when the town’s streets and squares host the Drawing and Painting Fair, the Photo Art Fair, the Craft Fair, the Food Fair, the Market-Fair, the EcoFira Empordà, the Monographic Glass Fair and the Collectors’ and Antiques Market-Fair; and May 3rd, when there is the May Crosses Competition, which fills Figueres with colour and flowers, and the Old Book Fair. The festivities continue for a week in the Fairground, where there is a large Funfair, and the Embarraca’t festival, with important musical performances in a wide variety of styles.

Figueres is waiting for you: enjoy the festivity!

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