1. Dalí Theatre-Museum


Inaugurated in 1974, the Dalí Theatre-Museum was atop the remains of the former Theatre of Figueres, and contains a broad spectrum of works covering the artistic career of Salvador Dalí (1904-1989), from his early artistic experiences and his creations within the sphere of surrealism through to works dating from the last year of his life. 

Some of the most outstanding works on exhibition there are Port Alguer ( 1924), The Spectrum of Sex Appeal (1932), Soft Self-Portrait with Fried Bacon (1941), Poetry from America, the Cosmic Athletes (1943), Galarina (1944-1945), The Bread Basket (1945), Atomic Leda (1949) and Galatea of the Spheres (1952). 
We might also note the sets of work the artist created expressly for the Theatre-Museum, such as the Mae West room, the Palace of the Wind room, Monument to Francesc Pujols and Rainy Cadillac. 

The Dalí Theatre-Museum has to be seen as a whole, as the great work of Salvador Dalí, since it was conceived of and designed by the artist in order to offer visitors a genuine experience that would take them into his entrancing and unique world .

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From May 12 to June 30: opened from Wednesday to Sunday

Opening hours: from 10:30am to 2:45pm

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