5. Modernism


Modernism reached the city with the architect Josep Azemar i Pont, author of some of the city´s most notable buildings. Outstanding among them are:

Casa Cusí. ( Rambla, 20). The Cusís were a family of Figueres industrialists at the end of the nineteenth century who accumulated one of the city´s largest fortunes through electricity production and cement manufacturing. The house they had built to live in is of modernist style following a plan by the architect Josep-Azemar i Pont and dates from 1894, reproducing the features of a neo-Gothic stately home. It was built using "noble" materials such as stone and forged iron combined with other more popular ones such as glazed tiles.

Casa Puig-Soler. (Rambla, 27). Modernist house built in 1901 by the architect Josep Azemar i Pont. It is a building of flats on a corner topped by a tower at its axis. The architect brought a very personal and stylised approach to the historicist-rooted features that characterise the building.

Casa Salleras. ( Rambla, 16). Modernist-style building to the north of La Rambla. It was designed by the architect Josep Azemar i Pont as a residence in 1904. It has notable decorative finishes made with mosaic and features of the balcony and interiors.

Casa Mas Roger. (Monturiol 10/ Plaça Palmera). Aside from its achitecture value, the building is know for having been the second home of Salvador Dalí. The Mas Roger house was built by Josep Azemar i Pont in 1910 and is notable for its three facades and well-balanced combination of wood, iron, ceramic tiles and stone. 
Former Abbatoir.(Plaça de l´Escorxador). The architect Josep Azemar i Pont built the present building form new in 1902, in the modernist style.

CASES GELI VERGÉS (1922), Antonio Alcaide, architect

CASA DE PUIG (1898), Josep Azemar, architect

CASA JUEZ (1914/1934), Ricard Giralt Casadesús, architect

CASA CASALS (1898), Josep Cordomí Bosch, master builder

CASA PAGÈS (1906), Josep Martí Roca, master builder

CASA MACAU (1907), Josep Azemar, architect

CASA SUBIAS (1910), Josep Azemar, architect