4. Neoclassicism and other trends


Former Hotel París. (Sant Pere, 1). Baroque building planned in 1767 by Pere M.Cermeño, the same engineer behind the construction of Sant Ferran Castle.

Casa Caselles. (Rambla, 22). A house built in 1930 to a project by the architect Joan Gumà Cuevas. The building could be classified as lying within a beaux arts eclecticism characteristic of the antimodernist reaction of he period around teh 1929 Great Exhibition in Barcelona.

Municipal Theatre El Jardí. (Plaça Josep Pla, 2). Noucentista building with a considerable historicist charge with predominance of the Ionic order, built in 1914 to a plan by the architect Llorenç Ros i costa.

Casa de Romà. (Peralada, 48). This building dates from the first half of the 19th century, though its author is unknown. It is a neoclassical stately home with rear garden which up till the civil war had been the home of a family of Empordà landowners.

Casino Menestral. (Ample, 17). Eclectic in style, this building was planned in 1904, probably by the architect Josep Bori, to become the headquarters of the Societat Casino Menestral de Figuerenc, founded in 1856 in order to promote friendly relations between the middle-class residents and disseminate Enlightenment ideas among itsassociates.

MONASTERY OF SANT FRANCESC (1828), architect unknown

MONASTERY OF SANT SEBASTIÀ (16th-17th C.), architect unknown

CAPUCHIN CONVENT (c. 1760), architect unknown

CASA PUIG DESCALS (1835), architect unknown

CASA CAMPS (1844-1847), Josep Roca i Bros, architect

CASA BOSCH (1864), Josep Roca i Bros, architect

CASA RODEJA (1861), Josep Roca i Bros, architect

CASA TRULLOL (1856/1869), Josep Roca i Bros, architect (attributed)

CASA MARTORI (1879), Francesc Puig Saguer, master builder

CASA NOUVILAS (1885), Josep Cordomí i Bosch, master builder

EVANGELICAL CHURCH (1889/1911), Francesc Puig Saguer / Sebastià Pi i Pi, master builders

PIOUS SCHOOLS (1884/1928-30), Manuel Almeda Esteve/Pelai Martínez Paricio, architects

CASA MONTURIOL PORRET (1915), Ricard Giralt Casadesús, architect

CASA ALBERT GRUART (1900), Ildefons Casamor, architect

PRISON (1906-19149; Josep Azemar, architect

CASA REIG (1934), Emili Blanch Roig, architect

GIRONELLA BRANDY FACTORY (1885), Josep Cordomí Bosch, master builder

VILALLONGA ASYLUM (1877/1884), Joan Papell Llenas, master builder / Lluís Alcalà, architect

CEMETERY (1816), various architects

CASA POLÍ DESEIA (1864), Josep Roca i Bros, architect

CASA PAGÈS-BASSOLS (1928), Raimon Duran Reynals / Pelai Martínez, architects

CASA COMET (1922), Pelai Martínez, architect

CASA FITA (1924), Ricard Giralt Casadesús, architect

CASA DALFÓ (1924/1926), Pelai Martínez / Manel Mayol, architects

CASA MELIS (1922/1926), Ricard Giralt Casadesús / Manel Mayol, architects

CASA CENARRO (1925), Joan Roca i Pinet, architect