Plaça de l'Ajuntament

Historical Heritage

In this central spot of the city there is the city council building from around the year 1757, when it was built following a design by the military engineer of Sant Ferran Castle, Joan M. Cermeño. From an architectural point of view we might note particularly the porches, altered in the first half of the 19th century when the medieval square was rebuilt. In a severe neoclassical style, the outline is by the Figueres architect and master of fortifications Rafael Cantró, who followed the architectural reference of the porched zones of Sant Ferran Castle. In the square, out in the open air, the market was set up for many years, with stalls for selling agriculturual products and other products of local toolmakers.

The present City Hall building dates from a 1929 plan by the architext Ricard Giralt i Casadesús, and was not to be completed finally until the 1940s, once the Civil War had ended.

  • Plaça Ajuntament nº12