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Empordà wine

The Empordà has a great variety of wines. The red wines are high quality, full-bodied, well-structured and harmonious, sometimes with added hues thanks to careful aging. These reserva and crianza wines boast special aromatic notes. They are complex, with a subtle fragrance and a hint of spice, always preserving the aromas of the fruit and the vine. On the palate, they are full, flavoursome and pleasant.

Fresh and flavoursome white wines are elaborated with autochthonous varieties and other high quality single varieties. Rosé wines are also produced with a well-defined cherry colour, great personality, a delicate aroma, fresh with a moderate alcohol content.

A speciality of the area is the Garnatxa de l´Emporda, a naturally sweet wine produced from the Garnacha grape. Full-bodied, with the flavour of the grape itself, mature, warm and smooth — virtues giving it the features of an exceptional dessert wine, together with the area's own sweet wine, the Moscatell de l’Empordà.

The organic wines, the Mistelles, the wines produced from over-ripe grapes and the sparkling wines complete the range of wines elaborated in Empordà.

Source: Empordà Regulatory Council Designation of Origin