1. Dalí Route


We propose a tour of the most emblematic spaces of Figueres associated with the artist Salvador Dalí i Domènech. The itinerary includes a stop at the Tourist Office, located in the old abattoir building, and passes through the city’s historic and commercial centre. It can be followed in either direction starting from one of the two most visited sites: 

˃ from the railway station, located in the Plaça de l’Estació (following the direction of the antennae of the ants on the paving tiles)

˂ from the Dalí Theatre-Museum (in the direction contrary to the ants’ antennae).

INFORMATION about the tiles:

- Large paving tiles situated on the ground: signal the start and end points.

- Small paving tiles situated on the ground: indicate the route between one point of interest and the next.

- Tiles with climbing ants situated in the lower part of the façades: indicate the emblematic buildings in Dalí’s life.


- Dalí family residence

- Birthplace

- The Rambla

- Empordà Museum

- Toy Museum of  Catalonia

- Church of Sant Pere

- Dalí Theatre-Museum



Project: Friends of the Dalí Museums 

Design: Missé Coll and Jordi Palmada

With the support of: Figueres City Council, Gala-Salvador Dalí Foundation, Figueres Guides’ Association 

Cover photo: © Melitó Casals "Meli"

Fundació Gala-Salvador Dalí, Figueres, 2020

  • Plaça de l'Estació

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