Plaça de les Patates

Historical Heritage

The initial project dates back to 1825, and it reflected the need of the grain sellers for a bigger space, once the whole Plaça de l’Ajuntament area had reached its maximum growth capacity with the incorporation of new arcades. In 1825, the architect Rafael Cantró presented the urbanization project for the new square, which rectified the alignment and incorporated two new arcades forming an angle, following the same style to that of Plaça de l’Ajuntament.
In 2012, through a rehabilitation project for the Historic Centre sponsored by the City Council and the Generalitat, this square was reconstructed together with Carrer Muralla and Carrer Canigó. The work carried out at Plaça de les Patates exposed a small part of the town’s medieval wall, which was left uncovered, thus offering a new point of interest to both residents and visitors.

  • Plaça de les Patates