Cold bean salad with mint by Josep Mercader



  • 80 g of micro mesclum
  • 600 g of broad beans
  • 80 g of pig’s trotters
  • 80 g of Iberian ham
  • 1 sprig of mint
  • Mustard vinaigrette
  • Salt


Boil the beans in plenty of salted water along with 1/3 of the sprig of mint, leaving them slightly underdone. Leave them to cool and drain them. Boil the pig’s trotters as usual, bone them and cut them into julienne strips. Chop the Iberian ham and 1/3 of the sprig of mint julienne-style. Add the rest of the mint leaves to the vinaigrette and blend with the mixer. Mix the beans with the micro mesclum, the chopped mint, ham and pig’s trotters and the vinaigrette, stir well and place the mixture in the centre of the plates with the help of a mould. Surround it with a little pig’s trotter, ham, chopped mint and a streak of vinaigrette.

Source: El Motel Restaurant