27 April / 5 May 2019 - Fairs and festivals of the holy cross


This year Figueres celebrates 600 years of its Fairs and festivals of the holy cross.

In spring, Figueres welcomes the Santa Creu Festivities. In late April and early May, the town stages more than a hundred activities for everyone. Two days stand out above all the others: May 1st, when the town’s streets and squares host the Drawing and Painting Fair, the Photo Art Fair, the Craft Fair, the Food Fair, the Market-Fair, the EcoFira Empordà, the Monographic Glass Fair and the Collectors’ and Antiques Market-Fair; and May 3rd, when there is the May Crosses Competition, which fills Figueres with colour and flowers, and the Old Book Fair. The festivities continue for a week in the Fairground, where there is a large Funfair, and the Embarraca’t festival, with important musical performances in a wide variety of styles.

Figueres is waiting for you: enjoy the festivity!

  • Plaça de l'Ajuntament, Rambla, Placeta Baixa Rambla, Pujada del Castell, Monturiol, Nou, Plaça Ernest Vila, Plaça Catalunya, Plaça del Gra, Castelló.