Corners of Figueres


The staging Corners of Figueres takes you around differents concepts such walking, gaze and discover, following a 10 points tour located in different main places from the city. The empty streets during lockdown will be filled with the passers-by look, in a light and shadow game in the dark.


1. Carrer Magre

2. Parròquia Sant Pere (façana davant el Museu Dalí)

3. Plaça de les Patates

4. Carrer Sant Domènech 

5. Plaça de l'Escorxador

6. Plaça del Gra

7. Plaça Catalunya

8. Placeta Baixa de la Rambla

9. Carrer Sant Pere (façana Museu del Joguet)

10. Plaça Josep Pla