Figueres Half Marathon

01/12/2019 · 10:30

IV half marathon Figueres & 10 km


  • A half marathon through Figueres, Vilabertran, Peralada and Cabanes..
  • A 10km race through Figueres, Vilabertran and Cabanes.
  • A mini race of 300, 500 and 800 m for the youngest, called "la Menuda".

The half marathon and races will be held the 1st of December. From 9:30AM, "la Menuda". At 10:30AM, start of the half marathon and the 10km. 


  • Apply for the half marathon: 23€. 
  • Apply for the 10km: 10€.
  • La menuda: 1€, for the insurance, for kids between 1 and 12 years old. To register in this modality you have to go to Esport Josep, a sports shop in Figueres. 
  • Sunday, 1 of December
  • 10:30 h